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About ElectraBe

What To Expect When You Invite ElectraBe To Speak

ElectraBe is a highly sought after public speaker known for her unique and creative style of speaking.  She shares with her audiences inspirational and transformative messages on hope, love, personal growth, relationships and spirituality.  

Crowds connect with her authenticity and vulnerability and are often brought to tears- laughing so hard or moved so deeply, when she speaks.  ElectraBe captivates the hearts and minds of both the young and the seasoned with her electrifying brand of speaking. She doesn't just leave the audience with memorable words, but a dynamic experience!


ElectraBe has a Master's Degree in Religious Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a minor in Theater and African American Women's Gender Studies. ElectraBe is also a certified Counselor, a certified Chaplain, a certified Family Pastor and an ordained, licensed Prophetic Minister. She has over 10 years of in-depth experience in mental and emotional health, as well as grief and loss processing. 


Born in Muskegon, MI into a dynamic family of preachers and poets, ElectraBe started speaking at a very young age.  Four years old to be exact, where she stood in the pulpit of her Grandfather's 500 member church and quoted from memory, on the microphone, a whole chapter from the book of Psalms.  

ElectraBe wrote and self published a book called "The 30-Day Challenge To Love Others & Yourself More Deeply" as a simple, daily guide to inspire the practice of love as explained in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and she is also the creator of the THOUGHT CATCHER,

ElectraBe is sure to bring new life and connection to your next event; invite her to speak TODAY!



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